Friday, 30 December 2016

Where is Winterbury and who is Zephira?

Hi to all you lovely visitors! It's great to see you here and I'll tell you why...we are going to write a story together. Okay, okay, that's not strictly true, I'm going to write the story and you're going to help me.

A little bit about me

Just so you're not reading this thinking, who on earth is this weirdo trying to entice me into helping to create a story I know nothing about? I think it's only fair to let you know that my origins as a writer has been romance intended for adults, and this is my first attempt at the YA genre.

However, I didn't just wake up one morning stick my index finger in the air and proclaim into a silent room that I was going to give YA  a shot. Since I started writing I always knew that I wanted to write one, or two, or more! Having two self-published paranormal romances, and two traditionally published contemporary romances out there, now seems as good a time as any.

Where is Winterbury?

Winterbury is a village in the middle of no-where in the north of England. It's a completely made up place in my mind and trust me, you'll get the feel for the place soon enough. Winterbury College is set back from this village on a deserted moor, and you'll see exactly why it has to be...

And what about Zephira?

Zephira is book one of what will (hopefully, fingers, legs, and arms crossed) be a series of Winterbury College Novels, each one looking more in depth at each of the main characters as they travel through their own harrowing journeys at Winterbury and what brought them there in the first place.

The burning question: how is this going to work then?

Every Sunday at 8pm GMT you'll get the next instalment of Zephira delivered to your inbox, that is if you're kind enough to sign up! If not, visit this blog and you shall have it! Each blog equals a chapter ranging from two to three thousand words a time over twenty (ish) chapters. I'm always open to your comments and suggestions and I'll be directly asking for you guys to make some choices for me along the way! The first post will be on 1st January 2017 and I'm so excited to share it with you. I hope you'll love it and I can't wait for your feedback. Thanks so much for your visit today. Don't forget to sign up before you leave.

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